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Evidence Eliminator 5.0.58

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This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at CleanCache instead.

With PC security an increasingly important issue, the developers of Evidence Eliminator claim to have created the most comprehensive hard-drive cleaner on the market.
According to them, government and police are installing black boxes in ISPs to record Internet surfing and downloads and claim that even formatting your disk won’t work.

If you need a particularly deep clean of your hardrive, then it this is certainly an option. The installation process is straightforward and immediately launches the main interface with a quick start wizard to get you started.
It has a multitude of features such as clean options on your Start menu, mail client, external drives and even chat applications that are missing on similar products although only those seeking maximum security will need them.
As a result, Evidence Eliminator is not as easy to configure and you need to make sure you understand the interface to prevent deleting files that you want to keep.
Be warned that unless you change the default settings, it will delete any Outlook Express folders that you have created.
The online help file is fortunately very comprehensive to help you avoid this and can also help you learn some interesting features of the internal workings of your PC.
It deletes all the usual files such as temporary files, cookies and surfing history as well as many others including evidence of activity in many other programs, using plug-in modules, slack space and deleted entries in the Windows registry, modified dates and times on all files and folders and instant secure deletes of Windows registry data.
It even claims to have magnetic resonance to evade the detection of files from an electron microscope, which are used by government agencies when conducting thorough investigations.

Overall, Evidence Eliminator is an extremely powerful piece of cleaning software but should be used with caution and only by those that need the utmost PC cleaning security.

Evidence Eliminator will eliminate all cache accumulated by browsing on the Internet. With this program you will clean up your computer much more effectively than if you had done it alone.

Evidence Eliminator will erase 100% of temporary archives created by the browser without leaving any sign of them. The program will always ask you beforehand what you want to erase or no.

Evidence Eliminator


Evidence Eliminator 5.0.58

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